Teachers and Staff's Favorite things:


The teachers and staff at Gulledge compiled a list of their favorite things.  Please take a moment to review the list here and see what gift opportunities are available.


Opportunities for families to contribute:


Gulledge PTA has teamed-up with Central Market to provide a Casserole & Salad Dinner for just $21 each on Thursday, May 5th.  Families can sponsor and PTA will take care of everything else (ordering, pick-up, and delivery)!  Your family's name will be included in a donation card for all teachers to see who supplied their dinners.  Thank you to everyone who donated!


Opportunities for students to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Sunday       5/1: Decorating the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk
  • Monday      5/2: Bring a favorite snack to your teacher day
  • Tuesday      5/3: Dress like your teacher OR bring a hand written note or drawing for your teacher
  • Wednesday 5/4: Bring flower stems and teachers/staff get to make their own bouquet
  • Thursday     5/5: Bring your specials teacher their favorite snack day
  • Friday          5/6: It’s Nurse Appreciation Day.  Tell Nurse Ashly how much she means to you with a handwritten thank you note.

Questions? Contact Jessica at hospitality@gulledgepta.org