Congratulations, Pranav!


Congratulations to one of our very own Gulledge Gators for being on of the five Texas students who are advancing to National PTA in the Reflections THEME search contest! The winning theme from entries across the country will be announced in June. Good luck, Pranav!


I Matter Because... Congratulations!

2020 Reflections Results - Gulledge Elementary

The National PTA Reflections Program is America's oldest and largest arts education program of its kind. Reflections welcomes students of all grade levels and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Students are encouraged to reflect on the common theme and create original artistic works in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. 



Primary (K-2)

Pranav Balakrishnan, Award of Merit, Literature, "I can make a difference"

Nisha Shastry, Award of Merit, Visual Arts, "I am earth, the only one"

Neil Pingulkar, Honorable Mention, Music Composition

Manan Ahuja, Honorable Mention, Photography, "I matter because I care for the environment"

Manan Ahuja, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts, "I matter because I care for all that matters"

Bodhi & Django Gonzales, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts, "Color Storm"

Shanaya Pingulkar, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts, "I Matter Because “YOU” matter"


Intermediate (3-5)

Myra Dua, Award of Excellence, Visual Arts

Mosami Mansingka, Award of Excellence, Visual Arts "I matter because I am a girl"

Sanskaar Venkata, Award of Merit, Literature, "I matter - I am unique"

Christina Tang, Award of Merit, Music Composition - "A new hope"

Aashritha Gokarakonda, Honorable Mention, Visual Arts




Music Composition

Award of Excellence (Primary) - Neil Pingulkar

Award of Excellence (Intermediate) - Christina Tang

Award of Merit - Dhyani Thakkar



Award of Excellence (Primary) - Nisha Shastry, Pranav Balakrishnan

Award of Excellence (Intermediate) - Sanskaar Venkata

Award of Merit (Primary) - Deva Valan Ravikumar, Riya Ramachandra, Shanaya Pingulkar (Poem)

Award of Merit (Intermediate) - Kunjal Modak, Shanmathi Ganesh

Honorable Mention (Primary) - Shanaya Pingulkar (Book w/illustrations)


Film Production

Award of Excellence (Primary) - Rhythm Pandya



Award of Excellence (Primary) - Mitchell Posel, Manan Ahuja

Award of Merit (Primary) - Deva Valan Ravikumar, Pranav Balakrishnan, Nisha Shastry, Poorti Srivastava

Honorable Mention (Primary) - Sukeerti Lnu, Riya Ramachandra


Visual Arts

Award of Excellence (Primary) - Shanaya Pingulkar, Nisha Shastry, Manan Ahuja, Bodhi & Django Gonzales (Color Storm)

Award of Excellence (Intermediate) - Myra Dua, Mosami Mansingka, Aashritha Gokarakonda

Award of Merit (Primary) - Pranav Balkrishnan, Ridhishaa Diwakar Raj, Izabella Jiang, Harshitha Venkataprasath

Award of Merit (Intermediate) - Ashley Tolly, Alina Pan-Wang, Dhav Kishan Rajasekaran

Honorable Mention (Primary) - Deva Valan Ravikumar, Riya Ramachandra, Vedaanth Ashokkumar, Akanksh Harish, Bodhi & Django Gonzales (Bubbles), Shravya Sangam, Om Jalindre, Soham Jalindre

Honorable Mention (Intermediate) - Rigvedh Varma Datla, Saanvi Vinay, Anvitha Reddy

Participation Award (Primary) - Vera Borges, Pedro Borges

Participation Award (Intermediate) - Cole Tronsdal, Dhyani Thakkar, Jeffin Mulangan, Varnika Chowdary Eadara



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