Texas PTA Lifetime Members

Beth Noon

Marybeth Noon


Beth and her husband Jason have three daughters, Jillian (8th grade), Reagan (6th Grade) and Kaitlyn (4th Grade). She has been an active PTA member at Gulledge for the past 9 years - with another to go! She is currently serving her second year as President for the Gulledge Elementary PTA.


Beth is passionate about finding a voice for all children at Gulledge. She is always willing to go the extra mile, taking on many roles, to ensure that each child has an opportunity to access anything needed to promote optimum learning and development.


We are grateful for the countless hours of work, your amazing heart and welcoming smile! 


 Yulia McGlumphy

Yulia McGlumphy


Yulia and her husband Mike have two daughters, Emma (8th grade) and Laura (5th grade). Yulia has been involved with the Gulledge PTA for 7 years as a volunteer and committee member for numerous PTA events. She is currently serving her second year as Vice President of Volunteers for the Gulledge Elementary PTA.


Yulia's work behind the scenes over the years has shaped the face and functionality of our PTA. Her dedication and projects to promote the highest level of learning for all kids at Gulledge will be felt for years to come.


We are grateful for your time, energy, and consistency! Your presence exudes warmth and kindness for all.


Anna DiNucci and Team

Anna DiNucci


Anna DiNucci, a Plano native, is in her 8th year of teaching at Gulledge Elementary. She serves as the team lead for 4th grade.


Anna is a positive influence on the Gulledge community. Her dynamic and contagious energy ignites students to love school and learning. She unites families as partners so that they know they are valued and belong as part of our school community.


We love how she loves our Gators!  Thank you, Miss DiNucci.


The following volunteers and staff have previously been awarded a Texas PTA Lifetime Membership Award from the Gulledge PTA. 

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Kathy Yonts

 *Received from Bethany Elementary