2022-2023 Board Positions

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Gulledge PTA Board Members! We would love to see new names on our list, please reach out to us if you are interested in any of these open positions. Much of the work within our PTA is done by committee.  If you see an area where you would like to be involved, please reach out to that committee chair using the e-mail below, or contact our President, Sheetal Gandhi, at president@gulledgepta.org.  


*highlighted positions are open


Executive Members

President Sheetal Gandhi president@gulledgepta.org
1st VP of Programs Tingting Ren programs@gulledgepta.org
2nd VP of Communications Andrea Cunningham communications@gulledgepta.org
3rd VP of Ways and Means Audra Potts waysmeans@gulledgepta.org
4th VP of Membership Erin Sears membership@gulledgepta.org
5nd VP of Volunteers Debbie Vohs volunteers@gulledgepta.org
Parliamentarian Krisinda Lingenfelter parliamentarian@gulledgepta.org
Secretary Seema Gupta secretary@gulledgepta.org
Treasurer Melinda Rodriguez treasurer@gulledgepta.org


Additional Subcommittee Chairs

Community Outreach Leanne Libby community@gulledgepta.org 
Environmental Amanda Meleleu environmental@gulledgepta.org 
Hospitality Jessica Robbins hospitality@gulledgepta.org 
Legislative/Council Delegate Pamela Royal legislative@gulledgepta.org 


Althia Wray sage@gulledgepta.org  


OPEN diversity@gulledgepta.org
Healthy Lifestyles Jennifer Galvan wellness@gulledgepta.org 
Webmaster Kyle White webmaster@gulledgepta.org 
Social Media Jessica Posel socialmedia@gulledgepta.org
Welcome Committee Coordinator OPEN welcome@gulledgepta.org 
Arts in Education Coordinator OPEN  artsineducation@gulledgepta.org 
Reflections Gunjan Somaya reflections@gulledgepta.org 
Back To School Event Coordinator Theresa Pham backtoschool@gulledgepta.org
Celebrations Coordinator Lakshmi Sekar celebrations@gulledgepta.org
Reading Programs Bhasa rani Dash readingprograms@gulledgepta.org
Kindergarten Coordinator Janet Oliver kindergartencoord@gulledgepta.org

First Grade Coordinator

Gunjan Gupta 1stgradecoord@gulledgepta.org
Second Grade Coordinator Lyndsay McLeod 2ndgradecoord@gulledgepta.org
Third Grade Coordinator Li Wang 3rdgradecoord@gulledgepta.org
Fourth Grade Coordinator Jamie Anderson 4thgradecoord@gulledgepta.org
Fifth Grade Coordinator Erin Sears 5thgradecoord@gulledgepta.org
Library Coordinator Tanika Green library@gulledgepta.org 
Book Fair Coordinator Mindy and Kyle White bookfair@gulledgepta.org 
Color Run Coordinator Audra Potts colorrun@gulledgepta.org 
Community Partners Jennifer Galvin commpartners@gulledgepta.org
School Supplies Marta Kang schoolsupplies@gulledgepta.org
Spirit Wear Becky Newcomer spiritwear@gulledgepta.org