How do I register? What is included with registration?


Click here to register today. Registration ends March 18th.


The registration fee will be $10 per student and will include participation in the color run, one ticket to use for two extra individually wrapped color packet at the event, and one ticket for a popsicle at the event. Students’ tickets will be delivered to their classrooms prior to the event. Please remember your tickets when you attend the Color Run!


When and where is the Gulledge Color Run?


The event will be held on March 24, 2022 at 5:15pm on the south field of the school (between Gulledge and Robinson). Please plan to park in the Gulledge parking lot or walk to the event, as parking will be limited.


Questions? Contact Arely at





What is the Gulledge Color Run?


The Gulledge Color run is a fun run where staff, students and their families will run around a track while volunteers throw colored powder on participants. The goal of the event is to get some exercise, have as much fun as possible, and to get as much colored powder on every participant as possible! This event will not have winners or official times and is accessible for all students. The color thrown on participants is made from safe ingredients and will clean off of clothes and kiddos after the event.


What to expect?


Plan on arriving about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. After registration on the website, your child will receive two tickets on March 24th during school hours for a popsicle and two color packets to use at the event. Please bring your tickets to the marked tables at the run for your child to retrieve their colors packets (save one packet for the grand finale at the end of the race) and popsicle (before or after the race). The Color Run course will be clearly marked in the field, and the start line will be easy to find. A DJ will be on site playing fun music and communicating start times to the runners. Each grade will run at a scheduled time, beginning with Kinder and ending with 5th grade. After all grade levels complete their run, all family members in attendance will have the opportunity to run one lap with their child at the end of the event. Once the family lap is complete, the DJ will announce the end of the event, and call for a celebration with everyone throwing up their individually packaged colored powder in the air.


What do I wear to the Color Run?


Please wear a white or light-colored t-shirt to the event so that the powdered color shows brightly on your clothing.  Please feel free to accessorize your outfit with fun colors on your socks, shorts, pants or headbands. Every year we are excited to see the creativity of students and staff wearing brightly colored bandanas, sunglasses, wigs, colored socks, tutus and everything else that makes the event bright and fun!


Are you extra crafty? Make your own shirt using one of these stencils.


Stencil 1Stencil 2

 Stencil 3Stencil 4


What should I bring to the event?


We recommend bringing a bottle of water to the event to stay hydrated. We also recommend bringing a towel to keep in the car to protect your car seats from color after the race. Please don’t forget your tickets for color packets and popsicles!


We need volunteers for this race to run smoothly and for the kids to have the best time ever!


Gulledge PTA needs volunteers to help hand out colors of packets and popsicles, to keep the students safe, to throw color on the runners and to ensure everyone has a great time!  All approved volunteers, please click here to sign up.


Spirit Night at Canes at 6060 Coit Rd from 4:30-8:30 PM. Mention Gulledge PTA at checkout.