PTA After-School Programs - Fall 2018


Note 2: You must register through the program's website.



Yoga - Sept 11 - Dec 11 (No classes on 10/8 or 11/19)
The after school YOGA program where kids have fun while developing important life skills by learning yoga through interactive storytelling, games and breathing techniques. Yoga will help them manage stress in today's world!
Who: K- 5th currently enrolled student
When: Gulledge Elementary Yoga Classes meets directly after school on Mondays at 2:50-3:50pm.
Registration Deadline: Until the 25 spots are filled


Bricks Bots & Beakers  - Sept 11 - Dec 11 (No classes on 10/9 or 11/20)

B3 Bricks Early Engineering 1 Grades K-2 This hands-on STEM class introduces basic science and engineering concepts. Build and test fun working LEGO® machines: vehicles, spinning top, hockey player and more. Experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axles exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance.

B3 Bricks - Elementary Engineering 1 Grades 3-5 This LEGO® class gives students a fundamental understanding of STEM concepts. Students will build awesome working models to investigate the principles of simple machines, mechanisms, and structures; experiment with balanced and unbalanced forces and friction; measure distance, time, speed, and weight; and much more.

Who: K-5th currently enrolled student

When: Gulledge Elementary B3 Classes meets directly after school on Tuesdays at 2:50-3:50pm

Registration Deadline: until Full

Register, pay online, or get more information @ or click here to get a copy of the B3 Flyer.


Financial Assistance

If you have questions about financial assistance, please contact Counselor Denise Goodwyn at

PASAR Compatibility

If your child attends PASAR at Gulledge and attends an After School Program, the child will be taken to PASAR after the program ends.  For information on PASAR, please go to this link.


If you have any further questions or comments, please contact our PTA After School Programs Coordinator at