Virtual Reader Opportunity

Gulledge Elementary PTA is looking for volunteers to be virtual book readers!  


Listening to a book read helps students see how the words on the page can come alive in a fluid, expressive way. It helps students focus on the sounds of words read without interruption and provides a model of fluent reading.


How can you participate?Gator Reader

  1. Anyone can record and submit a video reading a book, a great way for parents and grandparents to be involved.
  2. Background check is not required for pre-recorded videos.
  3. The videos should be 5-10 minutes in length for younger students and 5-15 minutes for older grades.
  4. Can read picture books, short books or, for older grades, can read the first chapter of a novel to get the students interested in the book/series. The Librarian will post suggested books for K-2 and 3-5 on the Google Classrooms, but everyone is encouraged to select books that they like to provide more of a connection to the material.
  5. Great tools for video editing (if desired) is the app called WeVideo and a Screencast-O-Matic Chrome extension. Basic functionality is free. However, video editing is NOT necessary.
  6. Once the video is finished notify Yulia at to receive upload information.