2018-2019 Board Positions

*highlighted positions are open

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Executive Members

President Erin Sears president@gulledgepta.org  
1st VP of Programs Marybeth Noon programs@gulledgepta.org  
2nd VP of Volunteers Josh Yost volunteers@gulledgepta.org  
3rd VP of Ways and Means Nalini Joshi waysmeans@gulledgepta.org  
4th VP of Membership Andrea Cunningham membership@gulledgepta.org  
Parliamentarian Shirley Aguilar parliamentarian@gulledgepta.org  
Secretary Rose Wright secretary@gulledgepta.org  
Treasurer Yvette Morehead treasurer@gulledgepta.org  


Standing Committee Chairs

Communications Pamela Royal
Community Outreach Angela Bao  community@gulledgepta.org    
Environmental Samantha Mass  environmental@gulledgepta.org    
Hospitality Maria Colquitt hospitality@gulledgepta.org    
Legislative/Council Delegate Alexandra Hoh legislative@gulledgepta.org    
SAGE/Diversity Mischele McEntire diversity@gulledgepta.org    
Healthy Lifestyles Atashi Kashyap wellness@gulledgepta.org    


Additional Subcommitte Chairs

Social Media Amy Saloma      
Webmaster April Anniboli      
Welcome Tejal Pandit      
After School Programs        
Arts in Education Sarah Meyer      
Back To School Event Wendy West      
Reading Programs        
Kindergarten Coordinator Hina Sheikh      
First Grade Coordinator Courtney Williams      
Second Grade Coordinator Melissa Hurta      
Third Grade Coordinator Leslie Brown      
Fourth Grade Coordinator Yanika Daniels      
Fifth Grade Coordinator Caroline Schattner      
Library Coordinator Rose Wright      
Office Coordinator Tejal Pandit      
WatchDOGS Jeremy Mass       
Book Fair Krisinda Lingenfelter      
Color Run        
Community Partners Janet Oliver      
Gator Rock Vidhan Pandya      
School Supplies Coordinator Yulia McGlumphy      
Silent Auction Natasha Jankauskas      
Spiritwear Jessica Robbins