Red Ribbon Week: October 25-29

10/22/2021 9:22 am

Red Ribbon Week 2021Dear Gulledge Parents,

During the last two weeks of October, your child will be learning about the importance of
maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle. We are discussing the ways to make smart decisions
and we’re also talking about why it’s important not to give into peer pressure.


Of course, the most important influence in a child’s life is their family, but often parents are
unsure of how to approach this topic. Below are a few ideas of different activities that you can
do with your child while helping them to make good decisions:

  • Create special times when you are available to talk to your child. Try to give your child
    your undivided attention. A walk together, dinner in a quiet place, or a trip to get some
    ice cream are ways to make talking together a little easier.
  • Encourage your child to participate in wholesome activities that will allow the child to
    form new friendships and have fun. Sports, Scouts, and community-sponsored youth
    organizations are excellent ways for children to meet others of their own age.
  • Teach your child to be aware of how drugs and alcohol are promoted. Discuss how we
    can be overwhelmed with messages from TV, song lyrics, and advertisements- which
    try to convey that using tobacco and alcohol is cool and glamorous.
  • Continue to practice ways to say “just say no” with your child, emphasizing the ways to
    refuse alcohol and other drugs.
  • Make friends with the parents of your child’s friends so that you can reinforce one
    another’s efforts in teaching good personal and social habits. A neighborhood social
    gathering, sports games, or school event are good places to meet.

Thanks for helping make this year’s Red Ribbon Week successful!


Melissa Puentes and Chelsea Scoville
Gulledge School Counselors