2021 Teacher Appreciation Week

4/30/2021 2:07 pm

2021 Teacher Appreciation Week

Mad Lib Monday, 5/3

Download and complete this Mad Lib.  Give to your teacher or take a picture and send it to him or her when you are done.  **Younger students may use this coloring page**


Teacher’s Twin Tuesday, 5/4

Grab those sweaters and dress pants . . . It’s time to dress like your teacher!


Words of Wisdom Wednesday, 5/5

Put on your thinking cap and be creative.  Give your best piece of advice for a teacher!  Write or draw your advice – share it with your teacher!


#TBT Throwback Thursday, 5/6

Write a note, draw a picture, or email your teacher about your favorite memory from this year.  Include any pictures you have.


Feature Friday, 5/7

Feature your favorite support staff or specials teacher with a note or drawing.