ICYMI Change of Environment Selection Opportunity

11/18/2020 9:33 am

For the 2020-21 school year, Plano ISD is offering two options of instructional learning environments for our students:

  • Face2Face Learning (Traditional Classroom Experience on Campus)
  • PISD School@Home Learning (Virtual Learning Experience Not on Campus)

Parents have the opportunity to make a change to their child’s learning environment for the 3rd Nine Weeks grading period.


The new  window for selection is November 17-November 30 for all levels (elementary and secondary students). Students will be scheduled in the selected instructional environment, which will go into effect on January 5, 2021. If no changes are made in Parent Portal, then the current instructional environment will remain in effect until the fourth 9-week selection period opens. 

Parents Who Do NOT Want to Make a Change of Environment: NO ACTION REQUIRED

Parents Who WANT to Make a Change of Environment: ACTION REQUIRED

  • All primary guardians will receive a notification prior to the change selection period. 
    Changes may be made in the Parent Portal
    • Instructions on how to complete the process are located in the Parent Portal. 
  • Any changes made in the Parent Portal  will go into effect on the dates listed below. 

NEW! Instructional Environment Learning Change Selection Periods

Third 9-weeks opportunity to revise instructional environment

   November 17- 30, 2020
   Effective on January 5, 2021

Fourth 9-weeks opportunity to revise instructional environment
   February 15-19, 2021
   Effective on March 15, 2021

  • Elementary students changing their environment may be assigned to a new teacher or teacher. Change in environment will almost always result in a teacher change. 
  • Secondary students making changes to their learning environment selection are not guaranteed to be assigned to their same teacher or class schedule based upon availability. Some staff may need to shift to align with new learning environment choices. Therefore, even students who do not change learning environments could experience a change to their teacher(s), course availability or class schedule.

Please Note: The Texas Education Agency has issued guidance that allows school districts to stop offering virtual instruction to individual students with poor grades or attendance. Campuses will notify parents if a student’s attendance and/or academic performance in one or more classes puts them at significant risk of severe learning loss in the PISD School@Home or the hybrid schedule remote days.  

A student’s lack of engagement and poor academic performance could result in revoked access to the remote learning environment or Plano ISD School@Home. In which case, the student may be required to return to the face-to-face learning environment (or hybrid 4 days a week). Campuses will notify and collaborate with parents regarding learning environment changes if their student is not demonstrating academic success.