ICYMI Change of Environment Selection Opportunity

9/29/2020 8:48 am

District Calendar for Learning Environment Changes

For the 2020-21 school year, Plano ISD is offering two options of instructional learning environments for our students:

  • Face2Face Learning (Traditional Classroom Experience on Campus)
  • PISD School@Home Learning (Virtual Learning Experience Not on Campus)

Parents have the opportunity to make a change to their child’s learning environment for the 2nd Nine Weeks grading period.


The window to make a change is September 28 through October 2. The deadline for completing this learning environment selection is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 2, 2020. All changes will be effective on the first day of the 2nd Nine Weeks grading period which is Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Parents Who Do NOT Want to Make a Change of Environment

NO ACTION REQUIRED - If you are not requesting to change the current Learning Environment for your student during the 2nd Nine Weeks, then you do not need to log onto the Parent Portal to make this change. Your student(s) will be scheduled with the same learning option they had for the 1st Nine Weeks.

Parents Who WANT to Make a Change of Environment

ACTION REQUIRED - If you are requesting to change the current Learning Environment for your student during the 2nd Nine Weeks, you must log into Parent Portal to select this change for the Second Nine Weeks. 

Instructions for Parent Portal

Primary guardians/parents will use their Plano ISD Parent Portal login to access the Change of Learning Environment selection. A primary guardian/parent must complete this form for each student that you are requesting to change the learning environment. Videos demonstrating the Change of Learning Environment process are available in English and Spanish

Important Scheduling Information

Please note that changes in learning environment selections may result in the following implications for teacher assignments and student schedules:

  • Some staff may need to shift to align with new learning environment choices. Therefore, even students who do not change learning environments could experience a change to their teacher(s), course availability or class schedule as teachers are assigned based on the numbers of students and course requests in each environment.  Every effort will be made to minimize teacher changes for those who did not make a learning environment change, however, we cannot guarantee that in every case.


Students changing their environment may be assigned to a new teacher or teachers.

  • Change in Environment will almost always result in a teacher change
  • The District will try to maintain social distancing in the Face2Face classrooms to the greatest degree possible, however, Face2Face classrooms may increase to 22:1 depending upon the number of PISD School@Home students who change to Face2Face learning environment